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Bringing the Local IT Community Together

South Africa’s bourgeoning economy presents the IT sector with an unprecedented opportunity for growth.

Together we can galvanise our siloed and disparate IT communities to drive this growth and propel our industry towards global competitiveness.

TechInBraam is determined to:

  • Nurture the production and consumption of local ICT products and services.
  • Eliminate national reliance on foreign ICT offerings.
  • Leverage the opportunities provided by emerging local industries to develop globally-competitive enterprise solutions.
  • Stimulate South African ICT exportation to foreign markets.
  • Establish a local context conducive to continued collaboration, innovation and expansion.
The Motivation

TechInBraam is intent upon emerging as South Africa's de facto tech cluster.

The Place

Why cluster?

A cluster represents a critical mass of firms in a geographical proximity. Research has shown that clusters have the abilityto benefit individual firms within the cluster community, independent and in addition to any unilateral firm efforts.

These benefits are generated in an environment of both competition and cooperation. Competition drives innovation. Cooperation encourages growth.

Why Braamfontein

A cluster, then, requires a geographical base. The selection of this base, though, need not be arbitrary. There are several characteristics or factors which, when leveraged together, form the basis for a successful cluster to be built upon.

In Braamfontein, we have not only an area with a rich history of industry, innovation and culture, but also an area that possesses all the characteristics of a successful cluster location.

Talent in Braamfontein

Bordering Braamfontein are two of the countries oldest universities, producing some of the countries most talented individuals. Wits University has a proud history in research and is ranked in the top 1% worldwide in several fields, producing international level talent each year. The University of Johannesburg have significantly grown their research investment over the past 4 years resulting in several more research centres.

In addition to the universities there are numerous tertiary education institution located in Braamfontein as well as several schools nearby.

Where We're Going and How

Vision and Mission


TechInBraam will act as a catalyst in establishing an IT cluster for the local IT industry, firmly placing itself at the forefront of technology thought leadership, services and product development.


Our mission is to use TechInBraam to champion the expansion of technology services and product and skills development, whilst fostering industry thought leadership, all at an internationally-competitive level.


Enabling an environment of transparent open collaboration across the industry from startups to SMME’s to established local and international IT corporations through community focused and driven knowledge sharing events.


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Let's help build South Africa.

Event List

  • NEW! QA In Braam
    Saturday April 27 at 10am
    For people who are enthusiastic about Software Quality
    Join on Meetup
  • Agile Africa August 12 & 13th 2013
  • Monthly Coded in Braam codedinbraam.co.za
  • Monthly UX Jozi meetup.com/UX-Joburg/
  • Black Girls Code blackgirlscode.co.za

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